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Laurance, E., & Meek, S. (1996, August). The new field of micro-disarmament: Addressing the proliferation and buildup of small arms and light weapons (Brief series No. 7). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 7 „The New Field of Micro-Disarmament: Addressing the Proliferation and Buildup of Small Arms and Light Weapons” provides an overview of the various components of the issue, including its history and evolution, the types of small arms and light weapons of concern, the various types of... more

Bowers, M., Laurance, E., Kopte, S., Molas-Gallart, J., Nassauer, O., Wilke, P., & Wulf, H. (1995, May). Coping with surplus weapons: A priority for conversion research and policy (Brief series No. 3). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 3 “Coping with Surplus Weapons: A Priority for Conversion Research and Policy.” Many weapons are decommissioned due to disarmament agreements such as the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) and the CFE (Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe), the end of violent conflict,... more

Laurance, E., Wulf, H., & Di Chiaro III, J. (1994, December). Conversion and the integration of economic and security dimensions

The rapidity of change which greeted the end of the cold war has put a strain on the successful management of down-sizing of defense budgets, armed forces and defense industry, and the practical reallocation of physical, financial and human capital. Initial attempts at conversion have faced various... more