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Mkutu, K. (2021, November). Anticipation, participation and contestation along the LAPSSET Infrastructure Corridor in Kenya (BICC Working Paper series No. 4/2021). Bonn: BICC.

Pastoral counties in northern Kenya are expected to undergo massive social–ecological change ­in the coming years as a result of the government’s ‘Vision 2030’ with its large-scale investments ­and infrastructure projects. The Lamu Port–South Sudan–Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor ­project is... more

Mkutu, K. (2020, June). Security dynamics in conservancies in Kenya: The case of Isiolo County (BICC Working Paper series No. 3/2020). Bonn: BICC.

The community-based conservation model is an increasing phenomenon in Kenya, especially in northern pastoralist counties. In BICC Working Paper 3\2020 the author Kennedy Mkutu considers dimensions of inclusion and exclusion and subsequent conflicts around community based conservancies in Isiolo... more

Mkutu, K. (2019, August). Pastoralists, politics and development projects. Unterstanding the layers of armed conflict in Isiolo county, Kenya (BICC Working Paper series No. 7/2019). Bonn: BICC.

Pastoral counties of northern Kenya are expected to undergo massive change in the  coming years due to the government’s ambitious infrastructural development agenda.  However, the area frequently experiences violence as a result of conflict between pastoralist communities, and also due to... more