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Prinz, J., & Schetter, C. (2017). Conditioned sovereignty: The creation and legitimation of spaces of violence in counterterrorism operations of the "war on terror". Alternatives, 41(3), 119-136.

We argue that the spatialization of violence in the counterterrorism operations of the War on Terror provides insight for understanding how these operations are legitimized and how they pose a challenge to an international order centered on state sovereignty. Against the background of a discussion... more

Meyer, R., Schetter, C., & Prinz, J. (2012). Spatial contestation? – The theological foundations of Carl Schmitt’s spatial thought. Geoforum, 43(4), 687-696.

Carl Schmitt’s work on the political is extensively used as an intellectual point of departure in contemporary academic debates about political contestation. More precisely, Carl Schmitt’s friend versus enemy-distinction is invoked as an essential figuration of political contestation. At... more