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Sommer, J. (2012, July). Iran-Verhandlungen - und wie weiter?

There were strong fears this Spring that Israel may have been about to launch an attack on Iran. US President Obama made it clear to Israeli Prime Minister Netanjahu that he considered such a course of action to be wrong at that given time.  Meanwhile, negotiations have got underway with... more

Sommer, J. (2012, February). Krieg gegen den Iran - Tickt die Uhr?

As was the case in Iraq, today a possible strike on Iran is justified with half-truths, myths and incorrect statements. Such statements by politicians as well as often one-sided, uncritical or even alarmist press coverage impede serious debate.Nevertheless, there is still time for diplomacy—but... more

Sommer, J. (2011, November). Atomkonflikt Iran: Diplomatische Lösung noch immer möglich?! (BICC Focus series No. 10). Bonn: BICC.

Again, Israeli government politicians and hawks in the United States are talking about military strikes against Iran and its nuclear program. Again, the United Nations and the European Union are preparing and imposing sanctions against Iran. The violent attack of Iranian students on the British... more

Grebe, J., & Sommer, J. (2010, August). Greece: High military expenditures despite the financial crisis (BICC Focus series No. 9). Bonn: BICC.

Greece’s national bankruptcy could only be averted with the aid of considerable loans from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The government’s high military spending and extensive arms purchases in recent years have contributed to the country’s desolate financial... more

Blix, H., Yazdi, E., Walsh, J., Kubbig, B., & Sommer, J. (2009, March). New chances for a compromise in the nuclear dispute with Iran? (Paper). Bonn: BICC.

On 4 December 2008, the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) and Deutsche Welle jointly organized a half-day conference on the nuclear dispute with Iran in Bonn, entitled “After the Elections in the United States: New Chances for a Compromise in the Nuclear Dispute with Iran?” With the... more

Sommer, J., & Warnecke, A. (Eds.). (2007, June). The security- migration nexus: Challenges and opportunities of African migration to EU countries (Brief series No. 36). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 36 documents the papers and speeches presented at the conference “The Security-Migration Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities of African Migration to EU Countries” which was held at Bonn, 22–23 February 2008. The event was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic... more

Sommer, J. (2007, April). A way out of the impasse: Time for a new strategy on Iran’s nuclear program (BICC Focus series No. 4). Bonn: BICC.

While in February 2007 a promising agreement was reached for the North Korean nuclear program after the United States changed its negotiating strategy, there have been no signs of any such easing of tension as far as Iran is concerned. The UN Security Council has imposed sanctions because Iran has... more

Sadjadpur, K., Neuneck, G., Kubbig, B., Meier, O., & Guldimann, T. (2006, October). Iran: Wege aus der nuklearen Sackgasse - Optionen, Barrieren und Chancen für eine Verhandlungslösung (Paper series No. 52). Bonn: BICC.

The Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH) organized a panel discussion on 14 June 2006 on which international experts voiced their opinions on the conflict about the Iranian nuclear program. The... more

von Boemcken, M., & Sommer, J. (2006, May). Der Streit um das iranische Atomprogramm: Auf der Suche nach dem „kreativen Kompromiss“. Zum aktuellen Angebotspaket und den Erfolgsaussichten von Sanktionen (BICC Focus series No. 1). Bonn: BICC.

Iran is under the suspicion of wanting to manufacture nuclear weapons under the guise of a civilian nuclear program. So far, there is no clear proof of an active Iranian nuclear weapons program, and Iran is adamant in denying that it wants nuclear weapons. The current uranium enrichment... more

Sommer, J. (2005, August). Security in Cyprus: Threat perceptions, possible compromises and the role of the EU (Paper series No. 44). Bonn: BICC.

In this paper, the reader will first find a short description of the history of the Cyprus conflict (Chapter II) and of the Annan Then, as security worries were one of the main reasons for Greek Cypriots to reject the Annan Plan, the security perceptions of Greek and Turkish Cypriots are analysed... more