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Bowers, M., Laurance, E., Kopte, S., Molas-Gallart, J., Nassauer, O., Wilke, P., & Wulf, H. (1995, May). Coping with surplus weapons: A priority for conversion research and policy (Brief series No. 3). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 3 “Coping with Surplus Weapons: A Priority for Conversion Research and Policy.” Many weapons are decommissioned due to disarmament agreements such as the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) and the CFE (Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe), the end of violent conflict,... more

Habich, A., Voß, W., & Wilke, P. (1995, March). Abhängigkeit der Werften im Ostseeraum von der Rüstungsproduktion (Brief series No. 2). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 2 “Abhängigkeit der Werften im Ostseeraum von der Rüstungsproduktion“ ("Dependency of the Ship Industry around the Baltic Sea on Naval Ship Building") attempts to analyze the trends in the European ship-building industry during the period 1990-1993. Although the post-Cold War... more