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Ruhundwa, J., Msallam, B., Isikozlu, E., & Wilson, C. (2021). Local connections for local solutions: Lessons learned in Tanzania (TRAFIG practice note 8).

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest city with a population of around 6.7 million people. Amongst them are approximately ten thousand vulnerable migrants who find themselves in refugee-like situations. Most of these vulnerable migrants are forced to live ‘underground’ because they do not have a... more

Wilson, C., Msallam, B., Kabyemela, J., Demirdirek, M., Sanga, J., & Ruhundwa, J. (2021). Figurations of Displacement in and beyond Tanzania: Reflections on protracted displacement and translocal connections of Congolese and Burundian refugees in Dar es Salaam (TRAFIG working paper no. 8). Bonn: BICC.

This working paper investigates the livelihoods, trajectories, networks and self-generated opportunities of vulnerable migrants in refugee-like situations in Dar es Salaam. Its main purpose is to arrive at a deeper understanding of protracted displacement through a ‘figurational approach’,... more