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Sommer, J. (2012, July). Iran-Verhandlungen - und wie weiter?

There were strong fears this Spring that Israel may have been about to launch an attack on Iran. US President Obama made it clear to Israeli Prime Minister Netanjahu that he considered such a course of action to be wrong at that given time.  Meanwhile, negotiations have got underway with... more

Sommer, J. (2012, February). Krieg gegen den Iran - Tickt die Uhr?

As was the case in Iraq, today a possible strike on Iran is justified with half-truths, myths and incorrect statements. Such statements by politicians as well as often one-sided, uncritical or even alarmist press coverage impede serious debate.Nevertheless, there is still time for diplomacy—but... more

Kahl, M. (2011, September). The Challenge of Managing State-owned Small Arms and Light Weapons in South Sudan

Countries emerging from a long period of armed conflict have to find solutions for getting widespread possession of small arms and light weapons (SALW) and related trade flows under control. The Republic of South Sudan (RSS) is a case in point. According to estimates, 2.7 million SALW are available... more