A way out of the impasse: Time for a new strategy on Iran’s nuclear program

Release date: 2007-04

While in February 2007 a promising agreement was reached for the North Korean nuclear program after the United States changed its negotiating strategy, there have been no signs of any such easing of tension as far as Iran is concerned. The UN Security Council has imposed sanctions because Iran has not suspended its uranium enrichment activities, which is the international community’s precondition for the beginning of any kind of negotiations.
However, Iran is not about to suspend these activities; on this there is a broad consensus within the Iranian leadership. On the contrary, Iran is expanding its enrichment plant. The European Union, whose High Representative Javier Solana leads the talks with Iran on behalf of the six powers USA, Russia, China, Great Britain, France and Germany, has a special responsibility and special opportunities to show ways out of the impasse.