Assessment of the HALO Trust marking and registration of small arms and light weapons project in Bosnia-Herzegovina 2017-2019.

Release date: 2020-08

In the Western Balkans, the diversion of state­owned small arms and light weapons (SALW), and limited control over privately held SALW, are a main source of illicit arms trafficking. The HALO Trust has contributed to improving the control of SALW in Bosnia­Herzegovina (BiH) since 2017, when HALO started a marking and registration project.

The preparation, especially the design of the registration database and the procedures of selecting, cleaning, transporting, securing and handling weapons, proved to be more demanding than the marking procedure itself. This report gives feedback to HALO’s donors and implementing partners; thereby contributing to a broader overarching understanding of the strategic, policy and operational requirements to tackle the illicit spread of SALW in the Western Balkans.