Auf dem Weg zur flüchtigen Kriegführung? Flüchtige Moderne und Krieg im 21. Jahrhundert

Release date: 2017-04

War in the 21st century is more complex, volatile, society based and information intensive than ever before. One could simplify the description of waging war as different combinations of highly modern, traditional and asymmetric components, which, according to the postmodern maxim “anything goes”, aim to contain war through a combination of military and civilian means. However, waging war also inevitably has boomerang effects, which can lead to it escalating. New options for engagement are supposed to minimise the risk of each side incurring losses and facilitate the waging of war. At the same time, asymmetric reactions are provoked and the normative lines of demarcation redrawn. This book aims to present, categorise and explain different aspects of war and warfare in the 21st century, because understanding them is a prerequisite for preserving or reinstating peace.

In H.-G. Ehrhart (Ed.), Krieg im 21. Jahrhundert. Konzepte Akteure, Herausforderungen (pp. 56-70). Baden-Baden: Nomos.