Between security markets and protection rackets. Formations of political order.

Release date: 2013-02

Security is a social practice which constitutes different formations of political order. Developing a political economy of security practice, BICC Senior Researcher Dr. Marc von Boemcken distinguishes these formations with a view to the actual exchanges between various providers and receivers of security services. He, thus, departs from popular perspective in political science which charts ongoing transformations in the global security landscape along a series of categorical divisions between state and non-state or between the public and the private. A more rewarding analytical perspective conceives the two most dominant security formations in the contemporary world as either based on commercial or on compulsory relations.

From the Contents: 

  • Security. What is it? What does it do?  
  • Governing Security  
  • Security Networks  
  • The Political Economy of Security  
  • Compulsory Security Formations 
  • Commercial Security Formations   
  • Conceptual Variations  
  • Strategic Variations 
  • Structural Variations

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