Chancen und Probleme der Rüstungskonversion in der GUS: Konversionsprofile ausgewählter Regionen

Release date: 1995-02

Well into the 1980s, the Soviet Union expended 20-30% of its GNP on defense. Nearly a quarter of the industrial labor force was employed in defense enterprises. This defense burden can be held partly responsible for the decline of the Soviet economy. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the military-oriented structure of the industry continues to be a burden, hampering the transformation of the economy. Conversion, the civil restructuring of the defense enterprises, has to be an important part of the transformation process.
The conditions for the conversion vary from region to region. The purpose of this essay is to identify several regions with a concentration of defense industry and to rate the problems and prospects for conversion. Four regions were selected: the Nizhnii Novgorod oblast, the Yekaterinburg oblast (formerly Sverdlovsk) and the Udmurt Republic within the Russian Federation, and the State of Belarus.