Combating the excessive and uncontrolled accumulation and spread of small arms: A compilation of policy recommendations

Release date: 2000-09

This report lists policies and practical measures on effective small arms control recommended by various organizations and individuals.The European Commission ordered it because it wishes to implement the Council resolution of 21 May 1999. Though the report is meant for use in development policy, it includes many recommendations mainly related to the Common Foreign and Security Policy, because the authors believe a comprehensive approach is required. Recommendations are especially made to
• Reduce the perceived need for small arms by promoting measures to improve public security in areas afflicted by a proliferation of small arms. Building capacities for effective law enforcement is critical, but must go together with transparency, accountability, respect for the rights and liberties of the population and sustainable development.
• Prevent the recruitment of child-soldiers and mercenaries.
• Promote the demobilization, disarmament and reintegration of soldiers and
irregular combatants.