Conversion survey 2001 - Global disarmament, demilitarization and demobilization

Release date: 2000-12

The current slowdown in disarmament and conversion, after a decade of reductions, makes it imperative to find new ways of revitalizing these processes. With global military expenditures on the rise again and classical arms control inadequate to the new situation, there is a great need to develop and propagate techniques of arms control and conversion, to reinforce democratic control over military institutions and to strengthen the peacekeeping capacities of the United Nations. The quantitative reductions of the nineties have not necessarily meant a reduction in the ability to wage war: military research and development expenditures continue to be substantial and new weapon technology is emerging.

The Update section summarizes trends in the BICC disarmament index and issue areas: military expenditures; military research and development; restructuring and conversion of the defense industry; demobilization and reintegration; base closure and redevelopment; and the disposal of surplus weapons.

Defense R&D conversion in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe is examined from an economic perspective in the Topic chapter.