Converting defense resources to human development. Proceedings of an International Conference, 9-11 November 1997

Release date: 1998-09

BICC’s understanding and perception of conversion was the baseline for developing the objective of the conference. This was the fostering of the idea, knowledge and opportunities of utilizing human, financial and other resources formerly absorbed by the military to civilian end. Herein lay the core point of the endeavour. As we know, a number of activities have been undertaken worldwide to convert – in one way or another- military personnel, equipment, facilities, military bases, and budgets previously allocated to the military to non-military purposes. The conversion process got an unprecedented boost at the end  of the Cold War which was too valuable to be left without public discussion within the scientific community and amongst other interested parties. However, as global statistics show, disarmament and conversion are lagging behind within the group of developing countries, particularly in the Middle Eastern an Asia Pacific regions, have invested heavily in the modernization and expansion of their armed forces. To evaluate the chances and obstacles for disarmament and conversion in developing countries – with case study from a variety of countries – was the focus of the conference documented in this report.