Costs and benefits of the chemical weapons disarmament

Release date: 2006-03

Headnotes: Concept of peace dividend and disarmament: Myth v. Reality – Recognition of the need for thorough analysis through examining the implementation of a arms control or disarmament instrument, felt in the governmental as well as research institutions – This paper, a response to such a need – 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, a multilateral, non-discriminatory disarmament instrumented, ratified by 174 states – Implementation of the Convention in the seventh year – Identification of areas to conceptualise the meaning of the Peace Dividend, creation of a framework – Analysis of the concept of Peace Dividend through the examination of economic, security, political, technological advancement, research and development and human security aspects of the implementation of the CW disarmament – prospects and challenges – Emerging Principles of Peace Dividend as observed in the practical implementation of the CW disarmament process