Demobilization in the Horn of Africa: Proceedings of the IRG Workshop, Addis Ababa, 4-7 December 1994

Release date: 1995-05

BICC brief 4 “Demobilization in the Horn of Africa” is about a workshop on Demobilization and Reintegration in the Horn of Africa was organized by the International Resource Group on Disarmament and Security in the Horn of Africa (IRG), in cooperation with the Ad Hoc Committee for Peace and Development, the InterAfrica Group and the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC). The workshop looked at past and present experiences of demobilization in Africa. Its aim was to learn lessons from successes and failures, which could be used to contribute to the support of peace processes and development in the Horn. As there is little historical experience from the Horn itself to draw upon, experiences of demobilization in other African countries were also discussed.