Destroying small arms and light weapons. Survey of methods and practical guide

Release date: 1999-03

Today, the destabilizing accumulation of small arms and their violent use in many countries around the world are high on the international agenda. One approach to the resolution of these problems is micro-disarmament, that is, taking small arms and light weapons―the tools of civil war ―out of conflict areas. As part of a comprehensive peace process that includes, among other things, the demobilization, reintegration and reconciliation of combatants, micro-disarmament is an indispensable element.
BICC Report 13 examines the issues and methodologies regarding the destruction of light weapons, small arms and ammunition, primarily within the context of peace-building operations in a post-conflict society. Several situations in which collection and destruction of weapons were carried out are analyzed for lessons learned. Current destruction methodologies and available technologies are reviewed with the aim of introducing appropriate destruction methods for each individual situation.