Dual-use in the field of high technology

Release date: 1999-12

How are civil and military research and development (R&D) connected? Can a policy of dual-use take better advantage of available capacities in times of a reduced threat and lower military expenditures?
These questions are considered in a study published by the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC). The authors analyze the origins and function of modern technologies in the field of telecommunications, inter alia the World Wide Web and virtual reality, and study the R&D strategies of important states. They review sociological research into dual-use, spin-off and spin-on, conversion and reversion, and discuss possibilities for exerting influence-also on an international level. Using the German aviation industry as an example, they consider the differences between and commonalities of civil and military research, also taking into account aspects such as technological leadership or use for sustainable production.
With its wealth of previously unpublished information and detailed list of references, this study appeals both to the reader with a general interest in politics as well as to experts in the fields of economics, politics and research.

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