Gewinnung natürlicher Ressourcen in Konfliktsituationen: Bestandsaufnahme zu den Positionen und Strategien relevanter EZ-Akteure

Release date: 2007-07

Violent conflict around the extraction of natural resources characterizes everyday life in many resource-rich development countries. In particular in countries, where state structures are weak and where deficits in resource governance exist, a specific constellation of controversial extraction activities of natural resources on the one hand and bad governance on the other can be observed, which often lead to grave human rights violations, criminal actions and the outbreak of violent conflicts. So far, a systematic overview of how national and international donors that are important for German development cooperation deal with the specific constellation of these three conflict factors – resources – fragile statehood – activities of extracting industries. This study offers therefore a review of the positions and strategies of relevant actors in this area. On the basis of this stock-taking, decision-makers of German development policy will be presented a foundation upon which chances and necessities for own engagement in the area of resources and conflict can be determined and which presents possible options for cooperation with international partners.