Global Militarisation Index: Presentation, Codebook and reflexion

Release date: 2021-08

Measuring militarisation is complex. Since 2003 and retrospectively up to 1990, BICC has been measuring militarisation worldwide with the Global Militarisation Index (GMI). The GMI’s approach is resource-based and measures the level of militarisation of a society by its allocation of resources by the state to the military in relation with other areas of society. By measuring the level of militarisation and the resulting time series annually, processes of militarisation or demilitarisation of societies and regions can be mapped. 

In this Working Paper, for the first time, the authors present the Codebook which underpins the GMI. They also discuss the current methodology and possible additions in view of the changing framework conditions and new data sources. In particular, they discuss the inclusion of novel weapons systems but also the vision of a multi-dimensional concept of militarisation.