Globalisierung in der Rüstungsindustrie - Formen und Auswirkungen auf den deutschen Standort und die Arbeitsplätze

Release date: 2003-07

Often, in the debate about globalization, a cross-border integration of national markets is highlighted and, from this, a new quality of the world market is being deduced. This study investigates whether this also holds true for the markets in defense equipment. Even though cross-border linkages of production and trade relations have to be taken into account just as much as in civil markets, national state markets in defense equipment are characterized by specific conditions, which have prevented their liberalization so far. This is why the authors argue that in military technology, due to the political influence of governments and their insistence on national sovereignty, only a more intensified regional cooperation between closely connected states is possible. The greatest chances for this are without doubt in the European Union. But even here, the integration of the defense markets is developing very slowly.