Konversion: Ein totgeborenes Kind in Wünsdorf- Waldstadt? Probleme der Umnutzung des ehemaligen Hauptquartiers der Westgruppe der Truppen zur zivilen Kleinstadt

Release date: 2006-04

The conversion of the town of Wünsdorf (approx. 40 km away from Berlin) is a great challenge and important task for all involved. According to the former Minister President of the Land Brandenburg, Wünsdorf was to become the best example of how a former military site can be transformed into a newly created garrison town where people are happy to work and live (Steinberg/Kießlich, 2000, p. 0). In this respect, Minister President Stolpe’s idée fixe was a prestige project and to be understood as a model which showed how to pursue conversion in the Land Brandenburg. It was intended to be “a visible sign for change from confrontation to cooperation” and the process of civilian re-use to a “Waldstadt (forest town)” was to be understood as “an example for urban conversion.”