Konzeptpapier Integrierte Missionen Für ein effizientes Friedensengagement Das Konzept der Integrierten Missionen

Release date: 2007-05

This study presents the concept of UN integrated peace missions and, by looking at three examples, analyzes its practical implementation. The missions under review (mission in Haiti—MINUSTAH; in Sudan—UNMIS, and in Liberia—UNMIL) show that the concept is applied differently with varying degrees of intensity but also with varying success. With concrete examples, the study shows where more cooperation within the United Nations would be desirable and where too strong a focus on structural integration can be harmful. In its conclusion, the study presents practical recommendations for a more efficient implementation of the integration concept. The analyses of all three missions (MINUSTH; UNMIS and UNMIL) are based on information, which could be gained from already existing studies, articles and official documents, information from telephone interviews and e-mail correspondence as well as through data collection via a questionnaire.