Krisenmanagement in der russischen Rüstungsindustrie - Regionale und unternehmensbezogene Konversionsstrategien

Release date: 1995-09

This report aims to show the adjustment potential of Russian defense enterprises and the obstacles faced. It is based upon interviews in various enterprises from a range of industrial sectors in the St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk regions as well as independent analyses of these in other companies (Section 3).
To provide an understanding of the pressures on enterprises, Section 1 discusses the framework for conversion in Russia, which during the examined period deteriorated as a result of political instability and general recession. Section 2 discusses the problem of regional conversion, an important topic for conversion in the West. In the past, only the national and the enterprise level in Russia were considered important, due to the history of the centralized, command-style economy. Attention is now gradually being focused on regional conversion. Thus, the analysis of the regional potential for conversion shows substantial differences due to political and structural factors.