Prävention extremistischer Radikalisierung in NRW: Keine Vereinnahmung Sozialer Arbeit durch Sicherheitslogik!

Release date: 2020-06

The recommendations in this Policy Brief are based on the results of the research project "Prevention of Radicalisation in North Rhine-Westphalia - How can the capacities of intermediaries be strengthened? Between January and October 2019, the team of authors conducted semi-structured interviews with 55 individuals in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) whose work touches on aspects of radicalisation prevention (including social workers, staff in prevention projects and local counselling centres, teachers, employees in municipal or local public services, police officers and representatives of mosque associations). We also organised workshops in five cities in NRW, where participants exchanged views on local needs and challenges in the prevention of radicalisation. 

As a follow up of their research, the authors Maurice Döring, Alina Neitzert, Tim Röing and Marc von Boemcken offer the following recommendations:

         \ Funding agencies must clearly separate prevention from social work.

         \ Funding agencies and agencies involved in developing projects must clearly define the scope of radicalisation prevention.

         \ Municipalities and the state must strengthen social work with young people, provide it with more financial resources and secure its regulatory structures.

        \ Radicalisation prevention must look beyond extremist Salafism.