Release date: 2023-09

Celebrates the evolution of modern Turkey – its past, current situation and potential future trajectories – from an interdisciplinary perspective

  • 52 original chapters from an interdisciplinary group of world-leading scholars
  • 7 parts examine the founding of the republic; political ideologies in Turkey; governance challenges and politics; conflicts and protracted political fault-lines; foreign policy; economy, development and environment; and society and culture
  • Covers a wide range of cultural, sociological, economical, institutional and political points of view of contemporary Turkey

Bringing together rigorous, original scholarship from over 60 contributors from different disciplines and from around the globe, this reference volume examines Turkey’s evolution from the early days of the Republic to the present time and on to its potential futures, offering a critical portrait of a vibrant country at a crossroads. This rich volume explores aspects from political ideologies to economic development, and from foreign policy to society and culture.

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