Regional migration governance: Contributions to a sustainable international migration architecture

Release date: 2018-01

At the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants in  September 2016, it was agreed to develop two new global agreements: The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly  and Regular Migration and the Global Compact on  Refugees, to be adopted in late 2018. It is expected  that both agreements will significantly influence the  future structure of and mandates in global migration  governance. Regional consultations, intended to first  and foremost provide country representatives with a  platform for voicing their migration policy demands,  are also part of the negotiation processes of the com- pacts. However, to date, the experiences and capacities  of regional organizations in addressing and coping  with refugee movements and in harnessing the potential of migration have not been sufficiently taken into  account. Furthermore, a vision for an effective and productive future relationship between global and regional  migration governance is still lacking at this stage. BICC Policy Brief 1\2018 adresses contributions to a sustainable international migration architecture.