Reintegration plan workbook_Trainee


This workbook is an essential part of the TRESA "Reintegration Strategies for Ex-Combatants" module. It is intended to serve as adraft template for the preparation of a reintegration plan for your own country or region.

When filling out this workbook, please keep in mind that the information and analysis you use should be based on the perspective of the problems and issues you will be facing in reintegration work in your area or country.

The end result of this workbook will be a draft. It will need to be adapted, changed, and updated to fit current features of your own specific reintegration situation and plan. The trainer will examine this workbook from time to time. It will be done in order to help your planning. However, in the final analysis, this workbook is yours. The work you invest in it may well be work you will then not have to do again. Thus the amount of effort you invest is entirely at your discretion.