Restructuring of Korea’s Defense Aerospace Industry: Challenges and Opportunities?

Release date: 2003-02

The purpose of this research is to examine Korea’s defense aerospace industry in pursuit of a new direction. In doing so, it aims to analyze the development of Korean aircraft industry while at the same time examining the extent of Korea’s dependence on the United States and its effort to pursue more independence and diversification in acquisition of air weapons systems. The following four questions are raised in handling of the research subject; first, why does the Republic of Korea (ROK) seek more independence? Second, how feasible is this pursuit of Restructuring of Korea’s Defense Aerospace Industry independence? Third, what would be the most desirable alternatives of the independence and diversification measures? Fourth, how much will Korea Aerospace Industries LTD. (KAI) be able to rely on defense sector and what are the examples of fostering civil aircraft industry?