Rüstungsindustrie im Umbruch: Strategien deutscher Unternehmen und Ansätze einer europäischen Neuordnung

Release date: 2000-12

After the end of the Cold War, the changed security policy situation caused demand for arms to drop steadily. The accompanying challenges faced by the German arms industry are described by using the aerospace, shipbuilding and tank design industry as an example. Without support by the state, the diversified private companies were often forced to reduce their workforce.
Which strategies are pursued in the adjustment process? How to evaluate management and production methods? Which role do electronics companies and the civilian information and communications technologies play? Which ideas, chances and obstacles are there with respect to the imminent restructuring of the European markets? This BICC publication sheds a light on these questions that were discussed in interviews with decision-makers in management and works councils of large German companies. With many insider information and assessments of affected companies, this publication is of interest to all those interested in politics as well as for experts in this field.

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