Security sector reform in Central and Eastern Europe - Difficult paths towards success

Release date: 2004-12

This volume reports on the success and failures in the efforts of eleven Central and East European transformation countries in the reform of their respective security sectors over the past decade. The case studies analyse and assess whether and to what extent the norms, concepts, standards and operational requirements commonly associated with the notion of security sector reform were addressed in the recent and ongoing democratization processes. Beyond the level of each individual case, it analyses which criteria have been conducive or are considered to be instrumental to the ultimate results. The book addresses practical problems of security sector reform, and aims mainly atproviding comprehensive and detailed information on security sector reform in several Central and East European states, developing a synthesis of what happened in each individual country; searching for analogies and similarities that would allow for practical conlcusions on generally applicable criteria for success, and offering practical tools for the assessment of success and failure in SSR.

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