Sicherheit + Entwicklung = Frieden? Zur Rolle der Entwicklungspolitik in der zivilen ESVP

Release date: 2007-02

Most experts agree today, that peace and stability are an absolute necessity for development and that vice versa, development is an absolute necessity for the sustainability of peace and stability. This nexus between development and extended security is mirrored both in the overall concept “civilian crisis prevention, conflict resolution and peace consolidation” of the German federal government and the European security strategy (ISS-EU, 2003). It is a result of objective challenges of a world associated with violent conflict that is changing. More than three dozen violent conflicts are unsettling numerous countries and regions. They hamper development and prevent stability and progress. Most of them are caused by maladministration in politics, society, the economy and the environment, are often overlaid by regional conflict constellations and are in their entirety characterized by a complex structure and dynamic which in turn necessitate comprehensive and differentiated strategies for their resolution.