Study on the re-use of former military lands

Release date: 1997-10

Germany and the United States are currently conducting a NATO-CCMS pilot study on the "Re-use of Contaminated Former Military Lands". Phase I of this study has been completed, and logistical issues as well as scientific and technological concerns have been evaluated. Phase II of the study will focus on the development of a methodology for the conversion of former military installations in NATO and CCMS countries and the application of this methodology on specific sites.
Previous experiences with base re-use have neither been presented nor subject to a comparative analysis. Furthermore, there has been no systematic analysis of the transferability of experiences from one site to another in order to determine which methods and strategies are the most effective.
This study was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, and provides a basis for a "checklist for base re-use" in which the basic questions which need to be addressed during the conversion process are presented and methods for conversion are offered.