The military in transition. Restructuring and downsizing the armed rorces of Eastern Europe

Release date: 2002-08

BICC brief 25 centers around reforms of the military forces in Eastern Europe following the demise of socialism. It particularly highlights experiences gained in their downsizing and restructuring. 
The authors identify challenges of and work out causes for national reform deadlocks, and draw conclusions from the last decade. The contributions to this brief are based on substantially revised papers originally presented at an international BICC seminar on the demobilization and reintegration of professional soldiers in Eastern Europe. This seminar was conducted in early June 2001 with participants from Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Finland, the United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, Romania and the Ukraine.
BICC brief 25 is part of a project on the “Demobilization of military forces in Central- and Eastern Europe” which was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and was completed in 2002.