Zehn Jahre Truppenabzug und Konversion in Nordrhein-Westfalen Bilanz und Perspektiven (Konversionsbericht IV).

Release date: 2000-10

This Conversion Report IV follows up its predecessor from the year 1997: In its introduction, it describes the current situation of troop reduction and base conversion in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and sketches the short-to medium term developments to be expected. In this, especially the results of the armed forces structural reform commission as well as the effects on the future troop strength and structure of the Bundeswehr are taken into account. This description of the course of the conversion process so far, considering specific challenges, is followed by a report on measures and strategies which have been taken by the Land of NRW to encounter the structural political challenge of conversion. Besides advisory services, priorities in content and regional support of all ministries involved in the conversion process are presented. An important tool in this context is the NRW/EU joint imitative KONVER, a joint support program by the European Union and the Land NRW solely for activities in the framework of conversion. Finally, this report presents examples from successful conversion projects and shows the manifold urban development opportunities offered by the conversion of military sites. Opportunities, which are more than just stopgap solutions but which enrich structural framework conditions. For many communities, conversion has changed from a problem to a real chance for future-oriented regional development.