Forced migration


The interrelationship between forced displacement and civil wars is a crucial topic for the interplay between societal change and organized violence. BICC conducts empirical research on internally displaced people's and refugees' mobility- and survival strategies as well as on their transnational networks. We 'follow' the refugees in our research, focusing on displaced people in regions of civil war (Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan/Pakistan), in zones of transit as well as in Germany.  We also look into causes of displacement, forced immobility and approaches to protracted displacement. In the framework of these topics, BICC also conducts research on topics, such as the nexus between humanitarian aid and development cooperation, on border regimes and governance as well as the political economy of forced displacement, integration and employment. Our insights gained in this field are based on intensive fieldwork that captures the prospects and practices of refugees.

Furthermore, the nature of our applied research is characterized by transdisciplinary interaction with researchers, politicians and practitioners. In our work, we not only contribute to academic debates but give direct advice to policymakers in our analyses and recommendations.


December 2017: Brown Bag Lecture with Dr. Sarah Tobin "Sectarianism and Identity among Syrian Refugees in Jordan", 13 December 2017, Bonn

June 2017: Brown Bag Lecture with Thomas R. Eimer "Why benefit-sharing is not enough: International biodiversity politics and the dispossession of indigenous groups", 14 June 2017, Bonn

March 2017: Brown Bag Lecture with Dr. Mathijs van Leuween & Dr. Lotje de Vries "Claiming Land, Reclaiming Identity – Land Tenure Insecurity and Reform in Situations of Protracted Displacement", 30 March 2017, Bonn.

March 2017: Brown Bag Lecture with Dr. Carolin Jacobs "Everyday Justice for Internally Displaced Persons: Not Just a Humanitarian Problem", 14 March 2017, Bonn.

March 2017: Brown Bag Lecture with Prof. Dr. Mirjam de Bruijn "Marginality, Mobility, Communication: Case Studies from the Sahel Region", 1 March 2017, Bonn.

February 2017: Policy workshop “Local conflicts around the reception and housing of refugees: Which contribution do citizen’s participation and conflict mediation make on the ground?” (Event in German)

December 2016: Brown Bag Lecture with Dr. Florian Krampe "Towards Sustainable Peace: Understanding the linkages between social, political, and ecological processes in post-war countries", 21 December 2016, Bonn.

December 2016: Brown Bag Lecture with Dr. Cüneyt Gürer "Conflict and Crisis in Syria: Refugees, Camps and Security in Turkey", 13 December 2016, Bonn. 

November 2016: Brown Bag Lecture with Dr. Alexander Horstmann "Helping the Wounded as Religious Experience: The Free Burma Rangers in Karen state, Myanmar", 16 November 2016, Bonn.

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