Preventing radicalisation in North Rhine-Westphalia: How can the capacities of intermediaries be strengthened?

The project aims to develop strategies for action that will strengthen the competences of intermediaries (social workers, teachers, volunteers, etc.) in the prevention of Islamist radicalisation among young people as well as in the deradicalisation and reintegration of those already radicalised.

Research question
How can the capacities of intermediaries be strengthened in preventing radicalisation?

On the one hand, the focus is on prevention through pedagogical concepts in the everyday working environments of intermediaries. On the other hand, the handling of and experiences with already radicalised young people will be examined within the framework of deradicalisation measures. The experiences and procedures of the intermediaries in NRW are to be compared with German and European plans of action.
In a final step, the knowledge gained about prevention and deradicalisation methods specific to the field of work will be bundled and made available as a practical guide.

Qualitative interviews and focus groups with intermediaries in social professions and with experts.

Using the results
As an applied research project, the scientific results are primarily geared towards policy and practice needs. They are presented in the form of scientifically sound BICC Working Papers and BICC Policy Briefs focussing on recommendations for action. Workshops with scientists and practitioners will also be held over the entire duration of the project.

Funded by

Land NRW

Duration of project

July 2018–June 2021



Online Conference "BICC Abschlusskonferenz Radikalisierungsprävention in NRW" 30 November 2021