Small arms survey in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In cooperation with GRIP (Groupe de Recherche et d’Information sur la Paix et la Sécurité) and the National Commission on Small Arms Control in the DRC, BICC has composed the probably most comprehensive study on the proliferation of small arms and light weapons (SALW) in the east of the DRC. For this, more than 10.000 households were interviewed as well as group discussions and single interviews conducted to obtain information on the population’s threat perception as regards SALW. 

Project partners (outside BICC)

GRIP (Groupe de Recherche et d’ Information sur la Paix et la Sécurité), National Commission on Small Arms Control, DRC

Funded by

United Nations Development Programme

Duration of project

until 2010

Other publications

Etude sur la prolifération des armes légères en République Démocratique du Congo. April 2010.

Small Arms in Estern Congo - A Survey on the Perception of Insecurity. April 2010.