Smart Technology in SALW Control: Civilian Protection, the UN-POA, and Transfer Control (SmartCon)

On behalf of the German Foreign Office, BICC organized an international conference from 17 to 18 June 2013 in Berlin, entitled “Smart Technology in SALW Control: Civilian Protection, the UN-Programme of Action, and Transfer Control” (SmartCon). The SmartCon brought together a group of experts and interested actors to discuss the potential uses of information technology in securing weapons, stockpiles, and international arms transfers. BICC is in the process of preparing spin-off study proposals based on the conference. Conference proceedings will be published in December.

The project was funded by the German Foreign Offices division on conventional arms control. SmartCon was conducted in close coordination with the funder.

Funded by

German Foreign Office

Duration of project

until December 2013