The Role of External Actors in civil war economies in Sub-Saharan Africa

External economic actors in civil war economies, Sub-Sahara Africa

Since 2003, a research programme at BICC on so-called war economies has aimed to shed light on the specific impact of external economic actors, a diverse group that includes multinationals, (neighbouring) countries, private persons, local firms, etc. on the conflict situation. One of the guiding questions was what constitutes a war economy, and how its structural features differ from a 'normal' situation. Subject to analysis were countries and regions in Sub-Sahara Africa, where a vast number of conflicts occurred in the 1990s. In one way or another, all of these conflicts were related to natural resources. To list a few: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Angola, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were among the cases studied. 

Funded by

German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF)

Duration of project

until 2005

Other publications

Paes, Wolf-Christian. 2005. "Internationale Initiativen zur Eindämmung von Ressourcenkonflikten und "Neuen Kriegen". Ein Überblick." Die Friedens-Warte, Berlin, p. 61-81.