Research themes

BICC understands Conversion Studies as the critical and policy relevant analysis of the dynamics in the concepts, means and practices of organized violence.

Concepts address any attempt to either legitimate or de-legitimate expressions of organized violence, whether this relates, for example, to the build-up or reduction of military forces, or to the actual use of physical force.

Research themes:

Means refer to instruments and material infrastructure of organized violence, such as defense industries and weapons systems (from small arms to aircraft carriers), but also military bases.

Research themes:

Practices describe the fields of organized violence where concepts and means combined turn into visible behavior. This can include the formulation of normative rules and the constitution of different actor types. Practices can relate to strategies of mobilization and demobilization as much as to actual acts of violence themselves.

Research themes:

In line with our focus on the complex social processes that accompany manifestations of organized violence, BICC has identified two intersecting research themes which show multiple inter-linkages with organized violence: