Mobilization and demobilization

BICC has a strong interest in understanding strategies of mobilization and demobilization. This perspective on the one hand represents an innovative approach to studying the everyday practices of armed forces, security providers, armed resistance groups or certain other actors (for instance CIA, ‘terrorists’).

On the other hand, BICC focuses on demobilization as a part of the various peace-building activities undertaken by international organizations, NGOs and development agencies in post-conflict environments. This includes Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) programs, but also all measures commonly referred to as Security Sector Reform (SSR). BICC is interested in doing research on the interplay between locally accepted rules and internationally imposed norms, such as ‘good governance’ or ‘liberal peace’. This topic also relates to many projects at BICC—past, present and planned—that search for and generate policy recommendations.



Closed projects