About us

bicc is an independent international research institute dedicated to research and policy advice on the conditions, dynamics and consequences of violent conflicts to contribute to a more peaceful world. 

Its multidisciplinary approach covers the topics of 
\ building peace and social cohesion 
\ militarisation and arms control 
\ agents and patterns of security and war 
\ violent environments and infrastructures
\ migration and forced displacement 

bicc was founded in 1994 with the support of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and is a member of the Johannes-Rau-Research Community.  

Vision and mission

Our mission is to conduct policy-relevant research in response to the problems of organised violence and to explore ways to address them.

To do so, bicc engages in dialogue and active exchange with scholars, politicians, practitioners and civil society organisations.  

Our Approach

bicc’s work is based on a ‘knowledge circle’, which intends to bridge the gap between research and practice. We believe in mutual learning processes. With our applied research, being credible, relevant, and legitimate, we aim to have an impact on political and social processes. At the same time, our practical experiences and interactions with non-academics should open up avenues for further academic research 

bicc’s portfolio includes: 

  • Applied research 
    background and evaluation studies, research reports, impact evaluations, development of indicators, feasibility studies to support program implementation

  • Policy advice
    background analyses, publications, databases, presentations, and informal talks

  • Technical advice and capacity development 
    training of stakeholders, expert workshops, and allocation of long- and short-term experts as well as preparation of concepts and modules for the further education

  • Data, and Geographic Information Systems 
    collection, analysis, and preparation of data

  • Information of the public
    publications, websites, events, exhibitions, press work 

Our Organisation

bicc was founded as a non-profit limited company in 1994 with the support of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Shareholder is the State of NRW. The Center is headed by a Director. The governing bodies are the Supervisory Board, the Board of Trustees, and the International Board.
The Center’s concept focuses on applied research and frames the institute’s activities for the next five years. 

bicc's vision and mission is to strive for a more peaceful world. An implicit part of this vision is gender equality, which bicc strives towards in every aspect of its work. While bicc has always been committed to gender equality, our commitment is made explicit in the following Gender Equality Plan (GEP). The GEP is effective immediately and will be evaluated every two years. 

The Center is subject to the Public Corporate Governance Code of the state of NRW, understood as the measure of good and responsible management and control.

The Code aims at making a company’s decisions with regard to management and control transparent and comprehensible
See “Corporate Governance Bericht”: 

bicc is a founding member of the Johannes-Rau-Research Community, an umbrella organisation for 15 independent non-university research institutes with more than 1,000 employees in North Rhine-Westphalia, established in 2014. The Community is dedicated to conducting holistic research and advisory activities with regard to issues that a society that is becoming increasingly more complex will have to face in the future. It believes in co-operation that crosses disciplinary borders. Being part of the Johannes-Rau-Research Community requires excellent research on issues important for the future and meeting uniform quality standards. This is why member institutes are externally evaluated on a regular basis. 

partners, donors and clients

bicc receives a core funding from the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). This funding enables the Center to perform research projects and research-based policy advice with funding from a variety of donors.

Bonn University is the seat of the professorship for Peace and Conflict Research held by bicc’s Director.