Press releases

New publication \ Peace came from the herders: Supporting peace amidst drought, food insecurity and conflict. Lessons from Marsabit country, Kenya

New publication \ Coup in Niger: Why Military Intervention is Doomed to Fail

Peace Report 2023 is featured as non-fiction book of the Month

The GAPs project has launched at BICC!

'Give Peace a Chance'—BICC-podcast goes live!

New publication \ When the 'War Attitude' persists: How Pro-Government Militias affect Society in the Long Run

Commentary \ Why is Turkey's Erdogan Rushing to Recalibrate with Syria Ahead of the Elections?

Launch of the 'Report Globale Flucht'

New Publication \ Preparation and Networks are Key for Returning Migrants: Findings based on Four Years of Research at BICC on Returnees' Reintegration Trajectories

Commentary \ We need to Break with Gender Binarism and Cisnormativity: Towards an Inclusive Feminist Peace and Conflict Research!

BICC Annual Report 2022

Global Militarisation Index 2022 \ Two Scenarios for the €100 billion Special Fund and a Juxtaposition of Russia and NATO

New publication \ Third Report on the State of Extremism Research in North Rhine-Westphalia

Online book-talk \ Kurdistan’s De Facto Statehood

Dossier \ War in Ukraine

Public event \ “Der Preis der ‚Zeitenwende‘?“

New publication \ How to deal with armed groups in transition phases of violent conflict?

Capable of peace in times of war - Analyses and recommendations of the Peace Report 2022

TRAFIG Synthesis Report \ Understand the needs of displaced people and identify solutions that last

Peace Report 2022 presented in Berlin

Ukraine–Russia War \ Views from the US and Germany

Online event \ Toward Urban Water Security: What works, when and why?

New publication \ Pro-government armed militias in the Sahel: ”Conflict solvers” or “spoilers of peace”?

Scientific advice is not lobbying! \ Peace researchers demand the amendment of the German law on the lobby register in a petition

New publication \ Preventing radicalisation in North Rhine-Westphalia

Joint declaration by the State and the universities in North Rhine-Westphalia \ Solidarity with Ukraine

War in Eastern Ukraine \ Lessons learned so far from the Ukraine conflict

Recommendations to the new Federal government \ Anchor small arms principles in an Arms Export Control Act!

Recommendations for refugee protection in Germany \ Family knows no borders

GMI 2021 \ Militarisation increases worldwide—Despite adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy

New TRAFIG study \ Protracted displacement in Greece and Italy

New publication \ “Prisons as spaces to prevent radicalisation?”

BICC Annual Report 2021 \ From Conversion to Conflict research

Statement by the editors of the Peace Report / After the failure in Afghanistan: Lessons learned for the new German federal government

BICC has as new name \ Leading German peace and conflict research institute is now “Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies”

BICC publication \ Making sense of Daesh in Afghanistan

New TRAFIG publication \ Starting up and starting over: Refugee entrepreneurs in East Africa

New publication \ Global Militarisation Index: Presentation, Codebook and reflexion

Peace Report 2021 \ Europe can do more!

New publication \ Lessons learnt from UN mediation in Afghanistan and Syria

New publication \ Addressing Food Crises in Violent Conflicts

New TRAFIG publication \ Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia

New publication \ Engaging refugees and migrants from Afghanistan and Syria as peace advocates

Obituary Elke Grawert (13 November 1958 - 5 March 2021)

New publication \ In focus: Cooperating to enhance small arms control

BICC listed again in the Global Think Tank Ranking \ International research community is looking for answers to the manifold consequences of the Covid-19 crisis

New publication \ More counselling work against right-wing extremist radicalisation

Global Militarisation Index 2020 \ Worldwide trends in militarisation and what they may mean for trends in health security

BICC Annual Report 2020 \ Peace and conflict research in times of COVID-19

New publication \ Five ways to make the EPF a role model for arms export control

New information platform \

New publication \ Assessment of the HALO Trust marking and registration of small arms and light weapons project in Bosnia-Herzegovina

New publication \ Syrian war at the crossroads

New publication \ Surviving Everyday Life - The Securityscapes of Threatened People in Kyrgyzstan

JRF \ Professor Dr Uwe Schneidewind receives Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

Commentary \ Policing, Pandemic and the American Racial Divide

New publication \ „Prävention ist keine ‚Eintagsfliege‘

New Publication \ “Refugees and migrants between everyday conflict and peace processes”

Peace Report 2020 \ In the shadow of the pandemic—Global solutions for a global crisis

BICC Commentary \ “The Libyan Civil War: Shining a Spotlight on a Problematic Arms Export Policy"

New publication \ Immobilisation, restricted spatial mobility and displacement in violent conflict

New publication \ "Leaving them behind"—Global trends in forced migration

Commentary \ Exhausts to respirators? Experiences in the conversion of production sites help to avoid misleading simplifications

New publication \ Country report Chad

Recent news \ BICC premises closing until 17 April 2020

Commentary \ European Union at a crossroads: "Shield Europe from refugees "or "Protect refugees"?

New publication \ Subversion in cyberspace

New publication \ Country report Niger

Global Militarisation Index 2019 \ GMI focuses on eastern Europe, European NATO and EU-countries

Global Think Tank Ranking \ BICC listed as the only German think tank for peace and conflict research

New publication \ Peacemaking engagement of Afghans and Syrians in Germany

New BMBF cooperation project \ Strengthening forced migration and refugees studies

BICC Global Militarisation Index 2019 \ TOP 10 remain unchanged

BICC Annual Report 2019 \ Research in the field and advisory activities in regions with ever-changing violent conflict settings

BICC and INEF congratulate Herbert Wulf on his 80th birthday

New publication \ Does the DDR pilot process in Mali need to be stopped?

New publication \ Organised crime as a cause of forced displacement—Lessons learned from Latin America

New publication \ Pastoralists, politics and development projects

New publication \ Continuation of political conflicts or a new beginning? Turkish refugees in North Rhine-Westphalia

Commentary \ Are the German government’s revised Political Principles on the Export of Military Weapons and other Military Equipment really more ‘restrictive’?

Peace Report 2019 \ The German Federal government must be more proactive in terms of peace policy—Against nuclear armament and military escalation

Training Programme for PSSM \ Handover to the Regional Centre on Small Arms in Nairobi, Kenya

German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) \ Prof. Conrad Schetter becomes a member of the DSF Board of Trustees

Revision of the United Nations Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Standards (IDDRS) \ Workshop to finalize guidance on reintegration

Launch \ AU Physical Security and Stockpile Management Project Database for the Sahel Region

New Publication \ Everyday life and integration processes of displaced people

International research project TRAFIG \ Launch of Website

25 years of peace and conflict research in NRW \ BICC celebrates its anniversary

New publication \ Key to the successful integration of displaced persons: Language competence, housing, work, social participation

New publication \ Breaking Cycles of Displacement

New Publication \ German Salafism, Radicalisation and the Search for Prevention Strategies

New Publication \ Deployment of German Arms in Yemen - For a Comprehensive Arms Embargo against the War Coalition

New Research Project \ Trajectories of reintegration and social change

New publication \ “Stabilisation—For Whom and to What Ends?”

Global Think Tank Ranking \ BICC ranked again amongst Top 100 worldwide

New international research project TRAFIG\Creative solutions to the challenge of forced displacement

New publication \ Energy planning towards sustainability in Tunisia

Obituary notice on Peter J. Croll, former director of BICC