Cities of Migrant Solidarity: An International Dialogue

Cities are key sites for understanding migrant integration and refugee protection around the world. While nation states typically claim authority over the selection and acceptance of migrants and refugees, cities tend to be the places where migrants and refugees integrate into the social fabric of society, where they participate in economic and social life, and where they develop a sense of belonging. In fact, many cities protect and include inhabitants who are denied legal status by nation states. These cities are known internationally by many names, such as sanctuary cities, solidarity cities, or cities of welcome. “Cities of Migrant Solidarity: An International Dialogue” is an interactive event that brings together a group of international experts, practitioners, and policy makers to present diverse approaches and experiences on the capacity of  cities to support vulnerable migrants and refugees. Our objective is to raise awareness about the current stage of solidarity cities around the world. Accordingly, this event offers an opportunity for presenters and the audience to network and exchange ideas on present and future challenges for cities to become welcoming and inclusive communities.

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