Online event \ Valuing Water: Bonn Water Network celebrates World Water Day 2021

To launch the Handbook of Water Resources Management, the Bonn Water Network cordially invited to a virtual event and round table discussion on 23 March 2021 on the occasion of World Water Day 2021.

World Water Day became a UN observance day in 1993. On March 22 every year, people and organizations around the world mark World Water Day by taking action to tackle the global water crisis. World Water Day 2021 focused on the theme 'Valuing Water'. This focus extends beyond issues of pricing and includes the environmental, social, and cultural value people place on water. Luna Bharati (Co-spokesperson of the BWN) opened the event. Bonn’s Mayor Katja Dörner said a few words per video message about how the City of Bonn relates to Water.
Danilo Türk (former president of Slovenia and Geneva Water Hub), Margaret Deignan (Springer Nature), and Janos Bogardi (editor) officially launched the : Discourses, Concepts and Examples’ (published by Springer, 2021). This multi- and interdisciplinary publication aims at facilitating communication and dialogue between actors of the international community involved in water resources management, discourses and multi-level decision-making processes. It provides the reader with facts, theories, methods and practical illustrations from a wide array of disciplines with relevance to water resources management, including hydrology, geology, geophysics, law, ethics, economics, ecology, engineering, sociology, and diplomacy.

What do our Bonn Water Network experts say about ‘Valuing Water’ from their perspectives?
Round table discussion
Several authors of the Handbook and members of the Bonn Water Network highlighted how their contributions refer to the World Water Day’s topic of ‚valuing water‘. Zita Sebesvari (UNU- EHS) explained how different drivers, pressures and stressors challenge the value of water. Bernhard Tischbein (ZEF) explored how to value water for the environment in a context of high demand and negative environmental impacts of water use for irrigation. Ines Dombrowsky (DIE) explained the role and effectiveness of river basin organisations in mediating different water needs and values. Mahsa Motlagh (Bonn Alliance) explored how emerging digital technologies can contribute to better valuing water in sustainable governance approaches.
The online event took place on Tuesday, 23 March 2021, 17:00-18:30 hrs.
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