Workshop Forced Migration Studies and Policy Dialogue: Promoting New Ways of Knowledge Production and Policy Transfer

In recent years, both the cooperation project Forced Migration and Refugee Studies: Networking and Knowledge Transfer (FFVT) and the Local Engagement Refugee Research Network (LERRN) have been actively building strong international networks consisting of Southern and Northern, Eastern and Western academic experts with and without lived forced migration experience, with extensive outreach to the policy world at local, national and international levels and a wealth of knowledge from development-related research. Also, they bring together a broad forced migration research expertise, seeking innovative responses to current challenges.

This workshop, conceptualised in German-Canadian cooperation, addresses the relevance and value of contextualised, localised and evidence-based knowledge about forced migration and equitable (research) partnerships for a more informed political decision-making by national and international actors.

The objective is to bring together the wealth of research experience with contextualised and localised policy solutions developed in an inclusive and participatory manner and bring it to the attention of policy-makers and research funders. Furthermore, the workshop emphasises the value of investing international funding in the building of localised research capacities. Ultimately, it will lay the foundation for an action plan, outlining how different actors can facilitate the scaling-up of good practice examples and how barriers for refugee participation and equitable partnerships in refugee research can be dismantled.

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